A short true story behind my inspiration for this website:

I have been fortunate to visit many inspiring locations across Europe and attempted to capture the essence and charm of their daily life. 


One of my favorite photos during my vacations to Italy is a picture of Vernazza (Cinque Terre), Italy, which I hung on one of the walls of my office cubicle and often look upon as a happy reminder of my travels.


One day toward the evening, a fellow employee stopped by for a chat, and by chance saw and asked about my photo. Having sparked her curiosity, I eagerly told her about the little village tucked away between scenic, steep hillsides and a magnificent coastline; its quaint old buildings nestled along the single main street; and its beautiful vineyards bordered by ivy-covered stone terraces. She happily wrote down the link to my collection of travel photos at the time, and returned five days later, announcing with excitement that my photography had inspired her, and in spite of having never traveled abroad her entire life, had just booked a two week trip to Italy!


I thus created this website, to be able to share my photos and experiences, provide a glimpse of the beauty and captivation of these places, and inspire more people to discover the world!


Thank you for visiting and enjoy!