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Created 20-Nov-13
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Even Savoyards spoilt rotten with Alpine views every day of their lives grow wistful at the mention of Annecy. Why? Just look around you: the mountains rise steep, wooded and snow-capped above Lac d’Annecy, so startlingly turquoise it looks unreal; the Vieille Ville (Old Town) is a ludicrously pretty ensemble of pastel-daubed, geranium-strewn houses; the turreted castle – wait, even the old prison – ticks all the medieval-fantasy boxes.With that phenomenal backdrop, it’s no wonder everyone is outdoors – hanging out in pavement cafes, mountain-gazing in gardens, swimming in the lake (among Europe’s purest) and cycling around it. Annecy, we think you will agree, really is quite lovely.

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