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Created 19-Jun-19
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Bilbao is the beating heart of the Basque Country and its largest city. It is the most cosmopolitan of the cities in the region and is constantly evolving. Bilbao ballooned in population during industrialization and prospered through steel production, shipping, ship building and banking. However, by the 1970’s the city had developed into a gray smokestack and a serious economic crisis had arrived. A new plan was devised and Bilbao started its journey of rebirth. Old industrial complexes along the river Nervión were torn down and new projects to improve infrastructure and the overall growth of the city were started. Bilbao now boasts having the Guggenheim Museum designed by architect Frank Gehry, a timeless Metro system designed by Sir Norman Foster, an airport from Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and a community center (Alhondiga) designed by Philippe Starck.

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