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The history of Ferrara as a city dates back around 1300 years when Ferrara was a Byzantine military castrum (fortified city). In 1115 Ferrara became a free commune and in 1135 the Cathedral was built.

The Este family ruled Ferrara from 1208 to 1598, constructing many of the monuments we see today. Under the Estes, Ferrara became a center of the arts. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, and Petrarch, among others, spent time under their patronage. But the Estes lacked a male heir. So the Pope claimed Ferrara and it became part of the Papal States, beginning a three decade decline before awakening in the 1900s, seemingly becoming aware of it's own glorious past. Now the city is looking pretty spiffy and awaits your visit.

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