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Regensburg, Germany is a picture-perfect medieval town. Regensburg dates back to Roman times and is the oldest city on the Danube River. Sitting on the edge of the Black Forest and in Bavaria, Regensburg is in a beautiful location and is included on many European river cruise itineraries. Ships dock very near the old stone bridge, which was constructed in the mid 12th century, and passengers can easily walk into the pedestrian town. This 1017-foot long bridge has 16 arches and is an amazing piece of medieval construction.
Regensburg has many 12th-14th century patricians' houses, as well as interesting churches, squares, and towers. It also features narrow lanes and streets, perfect for strolling. Over 1000 buildings are historical and in varied styles across the centuries, including Roman, Gothic, and Romanesque. Regensburg was not bombed during World War II, so the town is one of the best-preserved medieval sites in Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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