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Getxo and Portugalete are two neighboring towns separated by the Nervión River and located about 12 km north from the city center of Bilbao. Both towns are connected to each other by the famous Vizcaya Bridge. This unique bridge is a symbol of the European Industrial Revolution and since 2006, it has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. In addition, Getxo is home to five beaches, impressive mansions and two great places to relax and dine – the Abra Marina and the Old Port of Algorta.
Getxo and Portugalete are two towns located to the north of Bilbao, on the Bay of Biscay. Although separated by the Nervion River, these sister towns have a very common history. Both of them have been profoundly shaped by maritime professions and more importantly by the heavy industrialization that the northern region of Spain went through starting in the late 1800’s. Today, this can most easily be seen by the structure that physically connects the two towns – the Vizcaya Bridge.
The Vizcaya Bridge was the first bridge of its kind ever constructed and stands as a monumental reminder to the area’s industrial past. This transporter bridge was able to move people and goods back and forth without obstructing the path of ships, something completely new for the time and even a rarity for bridges built today. The red steel structure is considered to be one of Europe’s most important constructions during the Industrial Revolution and today is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.

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